Things u find everywhere in Mideast

Things you will find easily and cheaply in most countries in mideast (not in the order):

1.Hommos (paste made of ground chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt and Tahini root )

2. Yogurt

3. Laban & Labneh (strained yogurt)

4. Olive (fresh, pickled, canned, chopped, u name it, they got it)

5. Feta cheese

6. Men in Thobs (simple ankle length robe made of cotton or wool for winter) and Ghutra (a large, diagonally, folded cotton square) held in place with Igal (a double coiled cord circlet) on their head.

7. All different kind of nuts, especially Pistachio and Almond

8. Pita bread

9. Dates

10. Baklava

11. Fresh cow milk

12. Eggplant

13. Cucumber

14. Bell pepper

15. Women in Abaya (a black, all the way to the toes length robe) and Shayla (black scarf covering the head and the face, except their eyes)

16. Especially in Saudi, gasoline

17. Falafel and Kebab


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